tattoo artists


Meet our tattoo artists

The tattoo service at Lighthouse includes an initial consultation to discuss the design, location, size and cost. We can resize your design if you’d prefer a bespoke tattoo. Alternatively, feel free to browse our racks and flash books on display. We’re certain we can work together to design a tattoo you’ll love.

Aftercare instructions are given and follow-up appointments will be arranged, if needed. Prices start from £50 and increase to £400 per day session (5 hours).

Appointments are not always necessary and we offer a walk in service on Saturdays. Please note: You must be at least 18 years of age to get a tattoo. We accept a passport, provisional/driving licence or government sponsored ID schemes as proof of age.

VEGAN INK. Tattoos are usually far from being vegan. They often contain: Gelatine (animal hooves) used as a binding ingredient, Glycerin (animal fat) used as a stabiliser, Bone char (soot form burnt animal bones) in black ink, Shellac (beetles) as a binding ingredient, Indigotin (slugs) in green pigment, Concheal/Carmine (boiled insects) in red pigment. Vegan transfer paper often contains Lanolin (sheep’s wool).

At Lighthouse we use vegan alternatives to these.