About us


At Lighthouse we believe in doing things differently. We only use vegan products (from vegan inks to aftercare products) and, wanting to save our planet we strive to use eco friendly, non plastic products where we can. Even our toilet reuses hand water for its cistern!

Our tattoos and piercings are second to none and lead the way in design and technique. Lighthouse boasts 1 resident tattooist, 2 freelance tattooist and 2 piercers. We often host guest artists so keep an eye out for these.

Lighthouse originally opened in 2003 and called Intro. Bought out in 2018, it was revamped, repainted and renamed to reflect its new outlook in leading the way in sharp, clean, stunning, stylish tattoos and piercings.

 We are situated on Queens Road, 4 minutes walk from Brighton station and 6 minutes walk from the beach, close to the clock tower. Pop in to say hi.

Meet Our Lighthouse Team

Emily - Piercer and store manager

Jimmy - Tattoo Artist

Adam - Tattoo Artist