Tattoo Artists


Here are the resident tattoo artists at Lighthouse.

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Harriet's tattooing style and inspiration come from her love of the past, using vintage influences and imagery to create her own take on the American Traditionalist style. She learnt the craft of tattooing through a traditional apprenticeship in 2017 and uses coil tattoo machines. She is a conscious artist, using vegan supplies, minimal waste methods and creating a safe welcoming space for everyone.

You can find more of her work on Instagram: @harriethopetattoos

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I grew up in London and got into graffiti art as a teenager in the 90s. I was a prolific writer for 15 years when I met Charlie brown also a writer, but also a tattooist in the original London tattoo in Angel. I was interested in his work and looked into tattooing and hung around the studios getting tattooed making friends and loving the hustle and the community. I discovered other artists that inspired me such as lettering Chicano master "Boog" and was also influenced heavily by work by "Uncle Allan" among others and decided to go for it. I got an apprenticeship with Ten Tonne Atom and it's been an amazing ride since then. My passion is lettering. In recent years I formed The sacred lettering crew with other top graffiti tattoo artists from around the world. My style is freehand lettering, mandalas, Japanese influenced and anything old school with strong bold line work.

You can find more of his work on Instagram: @brightontattooist

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Jake’s work is heavily influenced by vintage flyer graphics from 90s rave events. He turns found material into tattoos bringing something forgotten back into the light. Handpoke is his weapon of choice and most of his work either consists of bold lines or soft dotwork. He is now working more with creating 3D objects trying to convert his background with sculpture into his tattooing!

You can find more of his work on Instagram: @kid__argos

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